Howdy Friends! Saturday Learns the Ten Commandments – Sneak Peek 15. In this scene, Moses explains idols. And how they may be things we don’t suspect.


“The second Commandant means more than some think it might.” Moses said. “Do not make idols.”


Fluffernutter raised her paw and asked, “What’s an idol?”

It was Kessy who often knows things about things, and nobody knows why she does but she does, who answered first. “An idol is a thing that is too important to someone, and they love it more than they should.”

Moses nodded. “That is the idea of an idol.” Then he explained more. “There were people who were making things of gold and creating statues of things of the earth to worship.” He paused as if thinking. “God is a loving God, and He is also a jealous God, and He will have no others before Him.”

“And idols come before Him?” Fluffernutter asked.

“They must not.” Moses said.” So on the stone He wrote The Second Commandant: You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.”

Saturday worried about the thought of making God unhappy. So right at that moment he was grateful Moses was here to tell them about The Ten Commandments. He was thinking about that when Moses said more. “But idols can be more than just statues, or images.”

“They can?” Saturday asked in a voice that sounded a little worried.

“Idols can be anything someone loves more than they love God. For some it might be money, or a big house, or even a job or …” Moses almost seemed to grin, “special toys and things they want to have and they forget to worship God and begin to worship, and only think about getting all those things.”

Saturday thought about all that. And he was glad Moses was such a great teacher. Then he thought how it was good that Butterfly had led them all to find Moses.

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