Howdy Friends! Saturday Learns the Ten Commandments – Sneak Peek 14. In this scene, Moses begins to teach each of the Ten Commandments more deeply. And Fluffernutter raises her paw to ask a question.


The bright sun showed down on them, and there were no shadows. Everybody knows that Saturday loves sunspots, the kitties and Kessy do too. Everybody knows that sunspots, especially great big very warm sunspots, make you sleepy. Because after all, sunspots are made for sleeping. So it came as a very, very big surprise to Saturday, that this sunspot, perhaps the most big, most warm, most bright sunspot he’d ever seen, made him not sleepy one tiny bit. It came as an even bigger surprise that it made him as awake as he could ever imagine feeling! Saturday almost thought that it happens that way sometimes. But it occurred to him, it never had before.

While he was thinking about all that Moses reminded them. “The first four Commandments are about loving God.”

“I remember,” Danielle said.

“And it is good they come first. Because God must always come first.” Said Fluffernutter.

“That is the truth, and a very important truth.” Moses said. “Have no God’s before me, the First Commandment is first because God is most important. Above all things, it is God who comes first. There is only one true God, it is He and He alone who we worship, glorify and give thanks to for everything. For everything, everything, comes from God.”

Saturday wanted to ask what glorify might mean. But he imagined it meant a very good thing. And he liked that.


“The second Commandant means more than some think it might.” Moses said. “Do not make idols.”

Fluffernutter raised her paw and asked, “What’s an idol?”

It was Kessy who often knows things about things, and nobody knows why she does but she does, who answered first. “An idol is a thing that is too important to someone, and they love it more than they should.”

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