A Dog Named Saturday


A Dog Named Saturday is a book for young people of all ages. You’ll find stories of exploring the wonders of the natural world, of joy, discovery, love and life lessons told by and with Saturday, a special beagle whose tail never stops wagging.

You’ll meet Kessy, the inquisitive, hay-munching horse; Fluffernutter, Danielle and Bullet, the trio of ever-entertaining barn kitties; and Dutch and Robbie too.

Saturday knows things of importance, like “Friends help you be who you are better.” And “Love is much better than everything, because with love everything is better.” And, “The very best thing about happy is everybody can have it.” Saturday is a very wise beagle indeed.

His adventures spring to life with the extraordinary illustrations of Troy Locker Palmer.

When you order be sure to leave a note in the Order Notes (Optional) section on the check out page letting me know to whom you want the book autographed.



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