Meet Dutch Henry

Well, I’m an author. But I’ll bet you already guessed that. I’m an old guy now, but I wasn’t always this old. In fact, I started out a whole lot younger back some time ago. My start was a bumpy one. Some might consider it a bit nasty. You see, between the ages of 6 and 9 I was locked in a room, with one window that was painted black. It was, sure enough, a rough and horrible time. But I had a single, Winnie The Pooh book, and that just might have mattered in a way only God knew it would. Because now, my passion for writing is “Children’s Books The Way They Used To Be,” with my A DOG NAMED SATURDAY series.
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A Dog Named Saturday

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“Children’s Books The Way They Used to Be”

Dog Named Saturday


The Little Beagle with a Big Heart

“Saturday carries love with him wherever he goes. Some dogs carry their toys. Some dogs carry their chewy bones. And some dogs carry their blankets. Saturday carries his love.  Read More

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It's for the Horses and More

It’s for the Horses is truly for the horses. I’ve compiled 3 years of my horse related posts into this book. This is not a book about  riding or training, its my thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how folks might find the joy in doing things for the horse, with the horse’s point of view as the leading guide.  Read  More.

There is also another side to my writing. I have a love of old westerns and by golly this old man even likes a love story every now and again. I have written two historical novels full of old west adventures and the love story of a long married couple who have stood the test of time and will have one last summer to love and remember. Read More.



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