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Saturday said this was an adventure he, “would remember in a very different kind of way than any other adventure he had ever adventured.”

When Saturday Encountered The Ark, they met Noah, who told them the story of the great flood. And the why of it.

In SATURDAY LEARNS THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, they meet Butterfly – And Moses.


Moses tells them many things, “Of importance.” Even beginning in the beginning in a book called Genesis. But he told them more than just the beginning. He told them of Egypt, Pharaoh, plagues, mountains and fires. Moses told them of God’s word. He told them of God’s law, and why God gave us His law. Moses told them of God’s love.


Saturday, Kessy and the kitties had gathered close, and listened as Moses told them stories from a book Moses called Exodus. That helped them understand better why things of importance were important. And after all, that’s why they had set out on the walk that led them to where they had come. Saturday still wasn’t sure where Moses had come from today. He told himself it was like the day they met Noah at the Ark. That day, Noah had talked about God too. But that was different. At least it seemed it was different to Saturday. He wondered if Noah knew Moses. They both knew God, he knew that because they both said that they did. Moses told stories

After Moses had told them story after story, of things of great importance – he stopped. And everything got even more quiet.

Then Moses’ voice seemed to boom. Almost like distant thunder. For just a second, Saturday was afraid.

“God spoke to me again. He called me to the mountain top.” Moses pointed as if to a tall mountain. He paused and thought some more. “I climbed the mountain again. And for 40 days God spoke to me.”


Saturday, Kessy, Fluffernutter and Danielle hope you will order SATURDAY LEARNS THE TEN COMMANDMENTS for all the young ones in your family. As Saturday said, “I think the Ten Commandants are things we should think about every day. That’s why God gave them to Moses.”

“It’s a very good thing that God gave Moses the Ten Commandants,” Danielle said. “For everyone.”


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