Howdy Friends! Saturday Learns the Ten Commandments – Sneak Peek 20. In this scene, Saturday, Kessy, Fluffernutter and Danielle are arriving home. “We set out this morning with questions that wanted answers.” Saturday said in a voice that everybody could hear was a happy voice indeed.



It occurred to Saturday that since they were in a part of the forest they had never been before, and that they had walked a very long time to find this place, they may not find their way home very easily. Even if he wasn’t sure they should go home just this very moment. After all, the sunspot was still bright and warm, and there was oh so much to ponder. This had been an incredible experience, Saturday knew that. Even if he did not know what incredible meant, but this must have been one.

“We set out this morning with questions that wanted answers.” Saturday said in a voice that everybody could hear was a happy voice indeed.

“That’s what we did!” Fluffernutter said.

“We did that very thing!” Kessy agreed.

“And we found what the questions wanted us to find.” Danielle said with a loud purr in her voice.

“We did have good help,” Saturday said and he turned to Butterfly. “Thank you Butterfly for leading us to Moses.”

“I was delighted to!” Butterfly said, and landed right on the very tip of Kessy’s right ear.

Saturday sat down, his back leaning against Kessy’s hind leg. “We started this morning with ponderings about things like being good, telling the truth, listening to Dutch and Miss Robbie, and maybe some ponderings we didn’t know exactly how to ponder.”

“And now we know how to ponder them even better,” Fluffernutter said.

Kessy studied the sky. “Perhaps we can ponder as we walk.” She looked at Saturday. “The sun is beginning to think about going to bed.”

Saturday had a thought. And since it was his thought, he thought he should be the one to say it. “Could you lead the way back to the forest and paths we know, Butterfly?”

“Follow me!” Butterfly said in her high, sweet, jingling kind of voice. And she floated like a patch of sun-lit color ahead of them up the trail.

Fluffernutter and Danielle rode on Kessy’s back, Saturday trotted alongside her. As they traveled up the path following Butterfly, Saturday did ponder all they had learned today. The more he pondered, the more he pondered.

Finally he said right out loud. “I think the Ten Commandants are things we should think about every day. That’s why God gave them to Moses.” After a few more pondering steps Saturday said, “I’m grateful God did that.”

“I’m glad God did that too,” Kessy said.

“I’m thankful God did too,” Fluffernutter said.

“It’s a very good thing that God gave Moses the Ten Commandants,” Danielle said. “For everyone.”

Butterfly drifted high up, riding on a sunbeam. Up and up she floated, then drifted away across the tree tops and out of sight.

And just like that, Kessy stepped into the forest they all knew behind the barn, at home.


This was an adventure, Saturday thought, he would remember in a very different kind of way than any other adventure he had ever adventured.

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