Howdy Friends! “WHY,” may be the most common prayer in the world. Pagans pray it. People of all faiths pray it. Even serious Christians pray it. To be sure, asking why something has happened is a legitimate question in itself. But it frequently arises from self-pity, continues in the wrong direction, and ends somewhere other than God’s clear will.

What are we asking?


The answer sought is often obvious enough, but implies guilt that the inquirer denies to admit. Often they ask why, not to get a true answer – but to shift the blame to someone or something else.

Shift the blame to God?

Ultimately many seek to shift the blame to God. Why did he let this happen to me? If he exists and is a loving God, surely he will love me and stop this bad thing. Even stop me from doing bad things to myself . . .

Face the facts?

When we ask God why, we first need to be honest before God. Are we facing facts? Are we ready to confess our sin? OR are we determined to shift blame?

Committed to personal holiness?

Are we serious about knowing God’s will? Are we committed to personal holiness in the future?Until those steps can be taken, one by one, the orbit of “why me?” can never be escaped.

“Why Me?” is inherently insincere and ends where it begins – in a determination to do what is right in ones own eyes, rather than God’s.

Cry out to the Lord in humility of a broken spirit and a contrite heart (Ps 51:17) And Thank Heavenly Father for the lesson. ~ Gitty Up.


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