Howdy Friends! Try Happy! More than a state of mind. More than a suggestion. And certainly more than an emotion. Happy is a tonic, an elixir for what ails ya. It’s a motivator, too!



We all struggle with de-motivation, especially when tasked with things that we know to be difficult, challenging or intimating. If we paint happy in our hearts and thoughts, those challenges find it much more difficult to hold us back. A blast of happy is like high-test in the tank, higher octane emotion to push us up out of life’s valleys to the highest peaks of success and wondrous achievements. Happy is easy to do too, and it’s free!

Of course it’s not natural, or sane, to be happy all the time.

Things happen. Sometimes really serious things. The key though is to be so practiced at wearing and living happy, those difficult times and sad, worried emotions cannot long survive. The elixir of happy can, and will, push those struggles right out of sight.

How does one learn, “The art of Happy? ”

Smile. It’s really very hard for sadness, worry and stress to compete with the power of your smile. At first it may feel strange, clumsy even, but with a little sincere practice a smile is one of the easiest things to perfect. And everyone can indeed have a perfect smile. If they practice.

Stop reading right now and smile … Feels good doesn’t it?

Now, smile with your entire body. Yup, your lips, your cheeks, your chest, heart, arms, belly, legs and feet. Breathe in a smile. Breathe out a smile; let that happy smile consume you all over. Feel it?

Even if you are today tasked with a challenge, I’ll bet you feel a tiny bit better. Try it again, right now—Breathe in that smile, from your eyebrows to your toes, breathe a big happy powerful smile. Now breathe out a big happy powerful smile.

Now ad to that happy breathing smile, a happy thought or two. Don’t stop breathing—just ad a happy thought. Remember a happy moment, surprise or person or adventure. Perhaps a place you love, a time you love, or song, book or movie. You might even want to think of a happy dream you have, perhaps a trip you’d love to take.

Allow your mind to shift from worry, stress, sad or overworked, to happy. Make it up as you go, there are no rules. Except to smile, think happy, and oh yes, breathe happy.

It might take a little effort, at first, but step by step you will master the art of happy. I promise. I’ll bet you’re smiling right now.


Gitty Up, Dutch.


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