Howdy Friends! They buried her on the hill at sunrise. She’d loved that hill in her final years, the trees, the other horses, and the warm sun in late afternoon. A long journey through many hands, homes and hearts had charted her life’s trail. Leading her to this peaceful pasture.

She could often be found lying in the sun gazing out over the vast lands in late afternoons. As if thinking of those she’d known in years past. Other horses, people and friends. Scars and blemishes suggested not all those memories were pleasant. But her sweet persona would never offer a negative clue.

Her life had been blessed with adventures great and small.

From mastering the many different skills her varied people had asked of her. To giving life to two darling babies. Not all the activities suited her. From time to time she struggled, but never once did she fail to give her best effort.


Even when she was misunderstood, and mistreated. Several activities she did excel at, and had enjoyed time spent pleasing those riders, owners and spectators. There were moments she felt the praise, and understood the applause.

She understood the hugs, and kind words too. And the tears.

She welcomed being many friends’ confidant. With patience born of true love, she listened to countless stories of joy, worry and sadness. Always she offered a thrilling, happy gallop to celebrate good news. And a mane to cry in, to help shoulder sadness. Her spirit touched many lives on her journey through the years. Some only briefly, some much longer.

Even though unable to understand all the changes and new directions that came to her, she always did her best, to be her best.

Her last years on the peaceful pasture with friends, who like her had traveled long, were gentle times.

They buried her on the hill today Now she frolics as a spirit horse with old friends she’s never forgotten. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.


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