Howdy Friends! The Equation is Backwards.

When a rider is braced the horse cannot move fluidly, in a healthful manner.

When the rider is in neutral pelvis, and moving “with the horse,” the horse can respond in kind.

When the horse is forced on the forehand by a rider’s bracing, it can only become compliant, and the rider is in charge.

The horse is in a no choice position, which is why people are then taught to “control” the horse.

The equation is backwards.

What really needs to be taught is—the powerful effect of elasticity and freedom in the rider’s body, returns twice as much from the horse—in a much faster way along with a lot of stress release, on horse and rider.

The rider really needs to look at herself/himself, and be willing to change.

Even the language we use is compressive, and invites students to squeeze, push and hold, which only increases the bracing during motion.

Neutral posture helps the rider to override bracing and tension patterns in their body and their horse while creating truly freer movement. Find your neutral, your horse will thank you. I teach posture, for the horse’s sake. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.


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