Howdy Friends! Saturday Learns the Ten Commandments – Sneak Peek 17. In this scene, Moses begins to explains “The other Six” Commandments. And Butterfly stretches her wings in the sun.


“Yes,” Moses said. “The Ten Commandments show us how to love God. He made us, and He loves us so much. So knowing the first four commandments helps us know how to love Him back. The ‘other six’ show us how to love other people, beginning with our parents in the Fifth Commandment. Then the last five show how to live good and happy lives.”

Moses, A dog Named Saturday

Moses explained more.


“Honor your father and your mother – Is the first of the other six.” Moses said in a way that seemed to be to Saturday a very nice way. “This is the fifth Commandant.”

Saturday did not remember his mother or his father, and he was sure Fluffernutter and Danielle didn’t too. He didn’t know if Kessy did or not, he could not remember if they had ever talked about it. But they all knew Dutch and Miss Robbie, and they were as much like a mother and father as anybody could ever have. So at that very moment Saturday understood just how perfect it would be to honor your mother and your father. And he knew each of them could, would and do. It seemed to Saturday, Kessy, Fluffernutter, and Danielle were thinking the very same thing because they all said at the very same time, “It is perfect to love and honor your parents, just as we love Dutch and Miss Robbie!”

Moses explained more. “Honor your parents also means obey, respect and love them. That is a promise to a good and happy live.”

Saturday thought again of the good and happy life they have with Dutch and Miss Robbie. And that made him glad.

“Do not murder.” Moses said, and nothing else.

“I remember, that’s the sixth Commandment.” Kessy said.

“Yes,” Moses said. “God wants us to know how precious life is. He does not want us to even think about hurting or killing others.”

Saturday understood that. “Life is a gift from God.” He wanted to say more, but it seemed that was all he could say. So it might be that was enough.

They all watched Butterfly fly high up to a branch in the brightest spot of the sunspot and spread her wings.

They all watched Butterfly fly high up to a branch in the brightest spot of the sunspot and spread her wings. Saturday knows a lot about butterflies, and he knows they love to warm up in sunspots, even on warm days. So they can be warm when it is time to paint the flowers again.

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