Howdy Friends! Saturday Learns the Ten Commandments – Sneak Peek 11. In this scene, Moses tells them God wrote on the tablets of stone.


After Moses had told them story after story, of things of great importance – he stopped. And everything got even more quiet.

Then Moses’ voice seemed to boom. Almost like distant thunder. For just a second, Saturday was afraid.


“God spoke to me again. He called me to the mountain top.” Moses pointed as if to a tall mountain.

He paused and thought some more. “I climbed the mountain again. And for 40 days God spoke to me.”

“For forty days God spoke to you!” Fluffernutter exclaimed.

“Forty days?” Kessy shook her head.

“You must have been very afraid,” Danielle said and covered her eyes.

Moses never told them if he was frightened or not. “God told me of His laws. Laws of worship, laws of living. Laws of conduct.”

“What is conduct?” Saturday knew he didn’t know, and most probably Kessy and the kitties didn’t know either.

“How to behave, how to live in a good way.” Moses said quietly, as if deep in thought again. And Saturday understood that because every now and then Dutch and Miss Robbie would tell him he must behave. Behaving meant not being bad, and also doing things you are supposed to do. So conduct must mean not being bad and doing things you are supposed to do.

“It was on that mountain, called Sinai, that the Lord told me many things.” Moses began again. “All things of His law are to help His people. And it was on that mountain that He gave me the, Ten Commandments.” Moses stopped. “Two times the hand of God wrote the Ten Commandments out on stone tablets.”

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