Howdy Friends! It came to me one early morning while sitting with my mare, kitties and dog, that Saturday, the pondering and loving fellow he was, would one day discover the Ten Commandments. I hadn’t been thinking along those lines, it just came to me that morning in the barn. Therefore, I understood it was Heavenly Father who directed me.

And so, the most important writing I’d ever done to date, began. But how would I begin? “At the beginning.” I could hear Saturday saying. And so, I did.

I pondered, and thought, and puzzled too. How would a mostly white beagle, with just enough red, discover the Ten Commandments? Of course he’d do it the way Saturday does everything. He’d find questions that want answers.



It started just about like every other day, except those days that started differently. And it wasn’t long before Saturday realized this day would be a differently day. But he didn’t realize it right away.

Now it’s not that Saturday had never been curious before, but somehow, this differently kind of day had a differently kind of curious with it too.

Then it came to him. Just like that! All of a sudden! Like the time that big thunderstorm blew in. One minute the sun was being the sun, and the very next minute the sun was black clouds, bright lightning and booming thunder, with raindrops so big they looked like apples! It was just that sort of sudden – when just now Saturday realized he was curious about why things were the way they were. Why is it important to be good and not get into trouble? Why was it important to listen to Dutch? Why was it important to be friendly? Why is it important to be honest? Why was it important not to want Kessy’s Apples?

A Dog Named Saturday, Dutch Henry

Right then, and Saturday did not know why, but he knew he needed to find a way to help the answers find those questions. “Because,” he told Kessy who he was almost certain had been listening to his ponderings, “there might even be more questions about trouble, listening, honest, and friendly that need answers to find them.”


So, Saturday, Kessy, Danielle and Fluffernutter too, set out on a search to find the answers. Guided only by God’s word they learn the importance of the Ten Commandments. SATURDAY LEARNS THE TEN COMMANDMENTS is laid out in such a way as can be a study guide.

Be sure to click HERE to find SATURDAY LEARNS THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and all Saturday’s books. “Children’s Books The Way They Used To Be.”

~ Gitty Up, Dutch.


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