Howdy Fiends. Let’s look at the, “Piano Wire Release.” This exercise will release tension in the hind end, along the spine and all the way to the neck and chest muscles. I talk a lot about tension. Because it is so important to remedy. We may not even notice it in our horses. But without routine maintenance like these exercises provide, it’s there. And tension works to break down a horse, physically and mentally.

It comes from work, worry, tack; it even comes from not working.


Just like with us. We can employ easy to learn, and easy to do, exercises release both physical and mental tension. This ewill strengthen the bond of trust between horse and human.

How to do the Piano Wire Release

Stand beside the horse and gently work your fingertips in the center of the hind thigh muscle. Search up and down, side to side until you find a cord-like tendon that runs up and down. When you find it, massage it up and down with your finger tips, until you feel the release.

You will quickly understand how much pressure to apply. Take as long as it takes. Massage deeply with your fingertips. As it begins to work, you will feel a softening in both the “piano wire,” and the big muscle mass. Be sure to watch for an overall release by the horse. Many times they will drop their head and sigh. Give a pause then. This is one exercise when you can expect immediate results.

Softening this tendon is huge. Remember to do both legs.

NOTE – Sometimes this is the first thing I do with a horse.

Sometimes a horse is so tight on the front end from tension in the hind end they cannot relax or even lower their head, then I know I must do the Piano Wire first.

You might remember this. ~~ Every horse needs this and the other exercises in my book, “It’s for the Horses.”

~ Gitty Up, Dutch.


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