Howdy Friends! “Praying against our enemies.” It seems it’s not very fashionable today to pray for God to be on our side, and still less to pray for His justice upon our tormentors. However it is clearly demonstrated in scripture.

When Moses and Aaron came under severe criticism from Korah and his Levites and Dathan, Abiram, On and sons of the Reubenites – This was a coup d’etat.

What did Moses do? He, “fell on his face,” before God.

While scripture does not record Moses’ prayer – we do know he referred the matter to the Lord for adjudication. Moses had every right to be angry, and he sought the Lord’s guidance, direction and help.

If you take the time to read Numbers 16, you’ll learn that scripture teaches us Moses had done them no wrong, there was no reason for him to placate them.

Moses turns to the Lord in prayer. Moses prays directly for the overthrow of his enemies. And he appeals to God to judge his innocence of their charges. The result of Moses’ prayer was the destruction of the rebels – in the end 14,000 perished at the hand of God.

Now Moses and Aaron knew what was coming, and they prayed the righteous would not suffer because of the wicked among them.

The Lord told them to, ‘Put distance between themselves and Korah’s faction.’ The judgment came duly upon them, and God’s people were saved.

Praying against our enemies is supported in scripture, God’s words.

But remember, when moved to pray for judgment of the wicked – first see to it to we separate ourselves from their company and lifestyle. Then, like Moses, we can cast ourselves with confidence of the Lord, who has promised to deliver us from the hands of our enemies and His, and save us to the uttermost. (Heb.7:25.) ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.



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