Howdy Friends! Our thoughts of our departed equine partners, I believe, are a connection to their spirits. Not merely memories, though memories are precious, but conduits by which we travel and visit with them again and again.


Friends of days past

How often have we slept comfortably and been visited by long ago physically gone friends in dreams so real we could feel them, smell them, hear them? Friends who in days past had carried us gleefully across fields, trails and on adventures.

Friends who stood silently with us and joined us in celebrating our joys. Helped shoulder the burden of our disappointments, our sorrows. The spirit of the horse can be so tightly woven into ours that it is highly appropriate it would continue to lift us after leaving the physical realm. Continue to guide us, comfort us, lighten our hearts.

On a sunny day, busy with whatever task we’d undertaken, a sudden wisp of a thought brings a departed partner back with a nicker and a snort. Perhaps a head shake and stomping foot. Perhaps an invisible muzzle touches our cheek.

They help us still

While riding our present horse a thought of how to cue, move or sit dashes into our head and we think, “There you go old friend. Thanks for the help.” They talk to us still, ever present helpful and connected.

My old friend Diablo, while never less than a high spirited boy, has dropped in often to reassure, even guide my thoughts over the years. Funny how he mostly appears when I’m troubled. But then he always was at his best when I needed the most help.

While Honey was only with me a short time, she too connects from time to time, in her quiet unassuming way. She was never less than a perfect gentlelady.

Our Dreams and Memories of Horses We’ve Known

Often I get thoughts from/of horses I barely knew, perhaps worked with. But the images and thoughts are clear and sometimes deep. I believe when a connection has been made, the conversation continues forever. If we listen they will talk.

Friends if you have those sudden thoughts, peaceful dreams and ideas that seem to come from nowhere, embrace them. They are your friends visiting.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch.


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