Howdy Friends! People expect horses to “perform” and be pleasant, no matter the care, diet, hoof care, saddle fit, human posture, manners. And they expect “trainers” to magically change the HORSE’S attitude and willingness. That’s not the solution.

Back when I traveled to conduct my, “Equine Posture Clinics,” I noticed horses who suffered from poor posture, seemed all to have one thing in common. POOR HOOF CARE. Or trimming.


I eventually began to stop ignoring poor foot care.

In fact I decided to begin with trimming lessons and actual trimming. One thing I noticed, when properly trimmed, the body posture and carriage so changed immediately, that the exercises seemed “almost” not even necessary. I have begun to be, some would say, too blunt. One center owner told me in our final briefing that the first day she wondered how she was going to put up with me for 3 days.

She had asked me on the morning of the first day (depending on what I’m there for we do a walk around inspection of facilities and horses), “Do I do anything right?”

I had answered, “You called me.” (I meant it as a joke).

The end of the last day’s briefing she said the only advice she had for me was, “to work on my delivery.”

My problem is I, see everything from the horse’s perspective, and tend to lack the ability to sugar coat.

And many of the changes I suggest are not that big. However, a bunch of little things changed can revolutionize a horse’s life and health. And the relationship between horse and human.

One of the most effective changes, easy to do, IS correct hoof trimming. I have written much about this. And indeed suffered much backlash for it. But the proof is in the horse’s posture. Every single time I’ve trimmed a horse, the posture changes. Within minutes. Often bringing the horse owner to tears.

All posture begins in the hoof.

There is even an old saying, “No Foot No Horse.” So why then are there so many horses enduring poorly cared for feet?

Want to fix a problem with your horse? Look to the feet first.

The secret is not to try to shape the horse, or horse’s movement by the foot, shoe or gadget. But rather to FREE the horse’s movement with proper trimming. No matter the breed, style, use or age of a horse. ALL hooves should look natural. Oh, and shoes are not natural. I’ll not apologize for that.

I also believe every horse owner should learn to trim their own horse. It’s really not that difficult. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.




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