Howdy Friends! ~ Have a read at a fine Christmas poem by our Friend. Ron Secoy. If you’ve not yet discovered ol’ Ron, look him up, friend him here on facebook, and even buy a few of his book. He tells fine uplifting tales from the cowboy’s point of view, always with a touch of God’s grace leading the way.


Enjoy: “Joe and Mary.”

Just an old cowboy bar

The kind that’s fills up to the eaves

But real empty this night

‘Cause it was Christmas Eve

The bartender was about to close up

When to his own surprise

He looked up to see a cowboy

Looking him right in the eyes

“Didn’t here you come in stranger

“What’ll it be? Beer, whiskey, maybe some gin?”

“Naw, just Christmas cheer for me”

The stranger wore red chaps

And trophy belt buckle for show

A big white Stetson on his head

Almost like a silver halo

A young wrangler came draggin’ in

With a face as sad as a scalded pup

“Give me a tall glass of whiskey

And barkeep, keep ‘er filled up”

The stranger shook his head

“Now what’s your sorry tale?

Are ya down on your luck

Or just get outta jail?”

“Nope, just lost my job

And fired without any pay

Won’t be no happiness at our house

It’ll be a sad Christmas day.”

“Pardner, let me tell you about one

Worst than anything you ever thought

About a guy named Joe

And what a night brought”

Joe had a young, sweet girl

He wanted to be his wife

What she went and told him

Cut him like just a knife

She came up pregnant

And he weren’t the father

He almost broke it off

Never mind the bother

But he stuck by Mary

Through all her days

‘Til they had to go to the county seat

To be counted and their taxes to pay”

“It was a rough journey

Mary’s time was real near

Everywhere they looked for lodging

There wasn’t room anywhere”

“Finally the blacksmith

Gave ‘em a stall

Down at the livery stable

With animals, hay and all”

“She had that babe right there

Laid him in the feed trough

A star stood above the stable

And visitors came from far off”

“Cowboys left their herds

To just get a look at the child

And to gander at young Mary

Who was so gentle and mild”

The stranger slipped him three hundred bucks

“Get on home and tell

About Joe and Mary

And their son Emmanuel”

The cowboy was out of there

A smile as big as Texas on his face

The bartender wanted to thank the stranger

But he too was gone without a trace.

Thanks Ron! ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.




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