Howdy Friends! Is your horse content? Just as we do, our horses have emotions, and thoughts of the day, about their job and what is important to them. I’ve written before about horses and their emotions, and I understand how folks have a wide range of where they come down on the issue of horses and their emotions. I believe horses are blessed with emotions just as we are. I believe it is our duty to understand them.

Emotions are a part of contentment.

Or discontentment. They say our horses mirror us. I believe that to be true. I believe the opposite can also be true. And we can indeed mirror our horse’s emotions; contentment, and discontentment. I also believe our horses look to us to be the one who sets the stage for, “the emotion of the day,” or moment.

However, I also believe a horse can, and will, take charge of the emotion recipe.

Do they not cheer us up when we are blue? How many thousands of therapy horses have healed hearts. Restored hope, given strength to people who need a boost? Horses take charge of that moment. They grasp the broken heart, the broken will, the shattered dream, and they mold it into hope, strength and courage.

Just as we do, a horse seeks contentment.

Sometimes that contentment comes from helping others. Other horses, their own foals, and of course – their person, or persons.

I fear too many people believe all a horse needs to be content, is a full belly.

My dream is to convince every one of those folks that a horse, just like us, really wants a full heart.


A full belly is surely important, but a full heart is everything. It’s where their spirit can get its power to lift our spirit.

That’s where they find their contentment. And they offer it to us. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.


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