Howdy Friends! The Value Of Virtue – Is Virtue out of date?

.What is virtue? Webster defines virtue as morally good behavior or character: a good and moral quality: a commendable quality or trait: the good result that comes from something.

Benjamin Franklin had a list of 12 virtue references to gauge himself and his own actions. These guidelines ranged from temperance, frugality, sincerity, justice, to humility.

Many religions speak of virtue as love, honor, trust, morality, truthfulness, and respect in perhaps dozens of different ways and guidelines. But at the root of all of them is perhaps the most grounding idea. Can we say morality, or does that create a whole new area of conversation needed? Morality though falls short. If that morality is not God centered. God focused. For there are many, “Moral,” folks who are not God fearing. And that’s a problem.

The word virtue come from the Latin word, “virtus” which again refers to self control, prudence, and courage. Among other things defining a good Roman citizen.

William J. Bennett compiled a book of short stories from all times, lands and countries titled, The Book of Virtues, A Treasury of Great Moral Stories. Stories about responsibility, courage, compassion, honesty, friendship, persistence, hard work, self discipline. And faith. He chose examples that might shape young minds. In the introduction Mr. Bennett says, “Today we speak of values as things we should possess like beads on a string—these stories speak of morality and virtue not as possessions but as something to be, the most important thing to be.”

The book of Proverbs is the root of morality, wisdom and virtue. Solomon’s God inspired words to teach wisdom, and offer instruction. Nothing can compare to God’s word for “built on rock” wisdom.

Can virtue, the value of God centered virtue, serve not only as a root for good Roman citizens, American citizens, citizens of the world, but also as a motivator in an individual’s life? Can striving to be of good virtue propel someone to try harder, chase their dreams, and overcome shackling hardships? Will a solid base of morality provide within an individual the courage it takes to pick themselves up after a stumble? Surely it can, and will.

Virtues can and will motivate, strengthen and even build up troubled hearts, struggling self respect and even lighten sad hearts. That is their God Given power. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.


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