Howdy Friends! The other day our friend Mary Lipginski commented on a post of mine that she was saddened by the course of our nation. I asked her to explain. Her response was so on point, I asked if I could use it as a blog post. Friends, you are going to want to read this. Buckle Up.


Dutch, I am 82. My dad was amazed by airplanes and told about my grandfather seeing his first airplane.

My dad was coming of age when cars were becoming more common.

I grew up on a farm with a very good family situation. With a lot of family and friends surrounding us. In a 2 parent home. My dad and uncle farmed together until my uncle died in 1969.

I didn’t know about child abuse of any kind. I didn’t know adults hurt children. I didn’t know that there was any child that didn’t have a mom and a dad. I never heard of a child with 2 dads or 2 moms.

The only time a child had a step parent was because one parent died.

It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t get punished for misbehavior. I didn’t sass either of my parents. I called men Mr and women Miss/Mrs.

I could write a book. But it would be a familiar story to many, and on the other hand a dream for others wishing they had that childhood.

I grew up in a family that expected me to work and participate in doing my part. I was rewarded with clean clothes, good food and a clean bed.

Food which was grown in our garden and preserved in our kitchen for the next winter. While we enjoyed the fresh fruits of our labor on the table throughout the growing season.

Most important in my childhood was church. Sunday school and church on Sunday morning. BTU and church on Sunday night. Church on Wednesday night. My dad was active in church. A deacon and donated time money and labor to the church.

Men fell all over themselves to join the military to fight for the country we grew up loving.

All of this to give insight to the world I grew up in. I am totally in love with my God. Because I learned about him as a child.

I do not recognize the country I grew up in anymore. I see glimpses of it in my friends like you Dutch. I see a fire in the hearts of people like President Trump. I remember men like President Reagan.

I remember my aunt who was a career army nurse. Although long gone she had the fire in her heart for the love of our country.

My aunt and my mother were wonderful teachers. My mother died 54 years ago yesterday. Her influence is still alive as I still see people who tell me she was their teacher and the best one they ever had.

We need more people like my mom and her sisters and brothers. And my dad who all his life loved and served God with all his heart , mind and soul and loved his neighbor as himself.

I look at the world around me and wonder, how did we get here. But I know. First people were fed the ideas that people shouldn’t live a Christian life in public. It is now forcing your “religion” on others. In reality it’s living your faith. No the mention of God because it’s illegal in schools.

And abortion. Human life has no value while animals are to be treated as family. It sure gets screwed up when God is taken out of the equation.

End of post. Not intended as a rant at all. I’m reflecting on 82 years of living and just touching on a very few things I have seen over my lifetime.”

I think Mrs. Lipginski gives all plenty to reflect on. Thank you Mary. And God Bless. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.


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