Howdy Friends! A friend wrote me about their horse’s abscesses and putting shoes on the front. I thought I’d share my response in hopes some might find it helpful.

Hoof management sometimes takes a different kind of effort. Paddock management requires much room, and reason to move.

Areas of round stone to walk on (a must).

Diet must be all forage low sugar hay.

Eliminate so called supplements supposedly designed to “create hooves.”

All extra nutrients and toxins go to the feet. And that’s bad.

Stop re-vaccinating, toxins kill.

Exercise, exercise, exercise.

No stall, ever only run in shelter.

Going the route of shoes will most likely head your horse on a downward spiral of weakening health.

Proper trimming of the bare hoof can also go a very long way to stop abscesses, and yes a wide flat foot can be problematic, and requires a focused trimmer aware of the changes that will occur as healing progresses.

And yes the sole can be lifted with all this care. Hope this helps! ~Gitty Up, Dutch.

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