Howdy Friends! Does life begin at conception? Or fertilization? You see, there is a difference. And as Christians we need to be on guard and stop saying “conception” and begin to say, “Life begins at fertilization.” There is a devious plot that has co-opted the word conception. This was first brought to my attention by a recent blog by Ken Ham.

Why Doesn’t life begin at conception?

Because life begins at fertilization. And that is about two weeks before conception. That is a distinction brought into the forefront by the same people who believe abortion (the killing of God’s children) is health care.

Why would anyone change the definition of conception

In order to make the increasingly popular “abortifacient” drugs readily available to “prevent pregnancy,” and palatable to wide swaths of the population. These drugs don’t “prevent pregnancy,” as touted. Because pregnancy begins at the instant of fertilization. Unless we change the definition of “Conception,” to suit the need of the moment. It seems today, redefining terms is another weapon available to facilitate a direction desired.

Conception now is defined as the time when the fertilized egg is implanted in the womb. This redefinition of the word conception gives a comfortable, guilt free, two weeks to “prevent pregnancy.” And allows those who would desire to end a life already begun on God’s image, guilt free. Because after all, by the new standard, not God’s standard – there was no life to end.

Why is this important

With this new definition, and standard, those who continue to hold the belief that life begins at conception will be either confused – or use it as a justification to skirt God’s definition and law. If one does not view life at fertilization, then of course in their mind, there is no life to terminate. And therefore no consequences, either in the person’s eyes, or God’s. But of course God won’t “see” it that way. The issue remains, though, these increasingly popular drugs, do take a life.

Words Matter

FDA’s recent decision continues to reinforce the worldview that a baby’s life hasn’t even started until man says it has, with the redefined “conception” word plot. However, man has not the ability to define life. Only our creator can do that. Life begins at fertilization. God designed it that way. God defined it that way. Only sinful man would think they can fool God.

The Duty before us

The issue here, before Christians, is to be sure we stand boldly, forcefully, and obediently with God. Do not fall into the trap set by sinful man, and adopt their new definition. Instead, abolish the term “life begins at conception,” which allows palatable murder of God’s children.

Since the shift has been made, let Christians create their own battleground shift – Adopt the God given truthful phrase, “LIFE BEGINS AT FERTILIZATION.”

And be aware, those saying they don’t believe in abortion, and life begins at conception, believe in, or at best unknowingly support abortion.

What do we do

Simple. Well perhaps not simple, but we do all we can to inform everyone we can. Life begins at fertilization, and the “abortifacient” drugs kill babies. God’s babies. Don’t let “conception,” be a weapon in the hands of God’s enemies. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.



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