Howdy Friends! Why is that most riders are still taught to sit up and rigid to find balance on a moving horse?

Bracing (legs front), squeezing (thighs and knees pinching) and stiffening (tight hips, wrong hard posture) causes an absolute downward pounding on the entire horse’s being, making it virtually impossible for the horse to do anything but brace back.

Making it totally impossible for the horse to move from their hindquarters while under saddle.

Arching and slumping by the rider also sets up a cascade of downward blocking to the horse’s movement.

Compression in the rider’s spine and hips locks the pelvis creating a downward spiral of restricted movement in horse and rider.

All this combines to make both horse and rider work harder, to move unnaturally, and this unnatural movement is detrimental, in fact damaging, to muscles and joints, and spirit of the horse.

A horse moves with fluidity, when the rider allows it, encourages it.

A rider must be in neutral pelvis for fluidity to travel from the rider down to the horse. Soft, fluid not braced and forced. Practice your neutral pelvis each time you ride, and walk.

No horse can maintain proper posture and body carriage under the dead weight of a hard rider. ~ Gitty up, Dutch.

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