Howdy Friends! One reason Correct Equine Posture matters. #1 – Health, longevity, happiness. Okay that’s 3 reasons. I suppose I could list 10 more. But I was looking at a few pictures on FB today of folks happily showing their horses. And as so many times, I saw the broken postures. Horses in dangerous body carriage. Dangerous because poor posture steals from the horse. Dangerous because poor posture inflicts pain on the horse.

Friends, this does not need to be.

Not only does it not need to be – It should not be. Why? Because we as caregivers can, and should, prevent this. Maintaining our horse’s correct posture and body carriage is indeed our responsibility. Every bit as much as housing, feeding, and health care. Well, creating good healthy posture is part of health care, I believe.

Don’t break down the flow.

Everything about a horse is designed to flow together. Poor posture, created by us, breaks down that flow. When that flow of fluid energy is broken, muscle atrophy occurs, organ function suffers, skeletal deterioration occurs, and temperament and willingness suffer. And the horse suffers. Whether they show it or not. Poor posture costs. The horse begins to break down.

Many things contribute to poor posture.

First on mind is foot care. I personally believe it is very, very difficult for a horse to enjoy great healthy posture if shod. Admittedly that is a very touchy subject. But, now you know my opinion.

Barefoot trimming. Incorrect barefoot hoof care is a large contributor to unhealthy body carriage. All posture begins in the foot.

Saddle fit, oh my. That’s huge. Just as important as how we sit and ride in the saddle. And while we’re at it, ALL our tack either enhances body carriage – Or forces it into unhealthy movement.

Exercise. Lack of proper exercise whittles away at a horse’s posture. And housing is a big part of that aspect.

If you know me at all, you know I’m a promoter of easy to learn ground work exercises we can and should do with our horses to correct or maintain healthy body carriage. And all you need to know can be found in my little book, “IT’S FOR THE HORSES.” It really is easy to master the few basics that’ll change your horse’s life.


And when a horse feels great, and moves well, so many other things go well too!

It is my belief that every horse owner, and caregiver, has a duty to learn how to help their horses maintain correct posture. Funny that, if done, the savings in health costs will more than offset any costs incurred by learning simple exercises to maintain proper equine posture.

So my friends, truly, correct equine posture matters. To the horse. ~ Gitty up, Dutch.

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