Howdy Friends! It’s remarkable just how little interest many have in what God has to say to us. What a person listens to, and how much time they devote to that listening, is probably a fair indication of what a person thinks important.

Millions who consider themselves Christians


Millions who consider themselves Christians never, or almost never, read the Bible, hardly ever pray, and manage perhaps a few trips a year to church. Such is the state of the modern Christian attention span for the things of God.

And Yet God Speaks

Yet God speaks heart to heart with those He loves, and all to kindle deeper love in them. As surely as we remember who God is, we will also not forget who we are, and come to Him with transparent souls.

Never forget, a new blessing is at hand whenever Heavenly Father answers prayers that call Him to speak to His servants. Hear Him, and He will do us good. Tithing is not about money alone – It is also about time. Ten percent of all the time Heavenly Father blesses us with is His. A person would do well to ponder that, transparently.

Glory to God

True believers find joy in giving glory to God through their attitudes, actions and words. And that’s a helpful guide when we face a decision. Will what we might say or do glorify God?

Asking ourselves that question can undoubtedly keep us from doing some of the things we do and saying some of the things we say. When we find ourselves at temptation’s corner, and that happens several times a day, stop.

Ask These Questions

We should ask three important questions. Can I thank God for what these words or actions will result in? Am  I able do or say this in Jesus’ name? Can I do this for God’s glory? It is truly that simple to seek help in making the right decision. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.


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