Howdy Friends! Many parents and grandparents today struggle to find books for their young ones that hold values as their own. And not that of the world. I call my Saturday books, “Children’s Books The Way They Used to Be.”

Recently a mother wrote to me and told me I’m wrong. She said I should call my Saturday books, “Children’s Books The Way They Ought To Be.”

That gave me a little pause. Because I certainly agreed with that mother.

My, “A Dog Named Saturday,” books began as simply one book, a tribute to the sweetest, most loving dog I’d ever known, after his passing.

A Dog Named Saturday book was not even my idea. Our many friends on Facebook suggested I write a children’s book. I’d never written a children’s book before. Even though I’d written 5 other books, and hundreds of magazine articles.

So, I took the challenge. And how parents and grandparents loved that first book right away, overwhelmed us. And they wanted more.

The comments came rolling n. So many parents, and grandparents, told us how they loved that sweet little dog. His happy banter. His curiosity. His wisdom. His, and Kessy’s, and the kitties’ too way of solving problems, looking for answers. Their way of exploring in a friendly, and yet teaching way, without lecturing.

Parents told me they read the book to their children who were too young to read. Many said they had a difficult time finding books for their children that were simply sweet, children’s books about friendship, life, fun – Without messages of modern day woven in.

All those parents notes, and conversations, caused me to want to create more “Saturday” books. So I did. As Saturday says, “Helping a friend is what friends do.”

Saturday’s books reflect his sincere unconditional love for everybody he meets. He was that way. His tail always wagged. His slow moving walk had a bounce of joy. Even his fastest slow walk, which he used only when Kessy hurried him along. His wagging tail was his smile he gave to everyone.

Saturday’s books are fun, because he was. Kessy, Danielle and Fluffernutter bring questions, answers, and thoughts to ponder. As well as those they might meet in their “explores.” All in an innocent and loving way. Rooted solidly in Christian values.

Currently here are five Saturday books.:

  • A Dog Named Saturday
  • Saturday Goes to Chincoteague
  • Saturday Encounters the Ark
  • Saturday Loved Christmas
  • A Dog Named Saturday Coloring Book

And, two more being illustrated by world renowned illustrator, Troy Locker Palmer – “Saturday and The Ten Commandments,” and “Saturday and Adventures Not Far From Home.”

A Dog Named Saturday, books. Children’s books you can laugh with, ponder with, help your young ones explore adventures near and far. Children’s books you can trust. Home school groups can use Saturday as reading list material.

A Dog Named Saturday Books – Children’s Books The Way They Ought To Be. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.



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