Howdy Friends! For us to enjoy, during this Christmas Season from my dear friend, Christian Raymond. He writes:

The purpose of the holiday in the Christian tradition is the celebration of the birth of Christ. In the pagan tradition there are many different purposes from different cultures.

People often point to the account in Jeremiah to say Christmas trees are evil. However, Jeremiah was long before the birth of Christ and there is nothing in that account that references Christmas. So it is a poor argument to make a one to one comparison.


Furthermore, there are plenty of verses in Old and New Testaments that refer to idols of the heart beings equal or worse to idols made from our hands.

When speaking of a Christmas tree or any holiday decorations (Easter, Thanksgiving, July 4th, birthdays, etc) the intent of the heart is key: were the decorations placed because the person idolized them or idolized the holiday. Or were they placed out of joy to God for the historical and providential day that they represent or are observing? Obviously some holiday decorations, like eggs at Easter time, make no sense to the historical account of Christ’s resurrection. But we are speaking of the Christmas tree here and can deal with Easter another time.

So here is my argument.…
Read all of Romans 14.

Verses 5-6: //One person values one day over another, another values every day the same. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind. The one who observes the day, observes it for the Lord, and the one who eats, does so with regard to the Lord, for he gives thanks to God; and the one who does not eat, it is for the Lord that he does not eat, and he gives thanks to God.//

Holidays, birthdays, special days of celebration or reflection are what is being referenced here. This passage is a defense of those who observe a special day. And is a defense of those who do not observe any special days.

Now read the account of Christ’s birth in all four Gospels.

You will find that Mary, Joseph, Elisabeth, the angel Gabriel, the shepherds, the heavenly host, Anna the prophetess, Simeon at the temple, and the wise men all celebrated the birth of Christ in their own ways.

Even John the Baptist lept in the womb for joy upon hearing that Jesus was conceived (Luke 1:41).

Even Herod recognized its significance to the point of mass genocide of infants.

If all these people and angels can celebrate the birth of Christ, I think I will continue to do so on a special day. If someone want to celebrate in winter, fine. If someone wants to celebrate in spring, summer, or fall, then fine. Romans 14 allows for everyone to be persuaded according to the Bible guiding his or her conscious. The conscious that God created in each of us to regulate our thoughts and actions.

Now to deal with the Christmas tree directly.

I already compared it to other holiday decorations. And I already said there is a Christian tradition and a pagan tradition.

Here is my personal tradition:

When I see a Christmas tree I remember that Christ was born into the world in order to hang on a tree for the sins of His people. When I see the lights on the tree, I remember that we are called to be the lights in this dark world that murdered the infants that dark night and murdered the Saviour of the dark world on that tree. When I see the star at the top, I remember that Christ was the bright and morning star referred to in Revelation. And God used a star to tell the world that Christ had come.

When I see the gifts under the tree, I remember that Christ shed His blood as a gift to His people that we did not deserve or ask for but this Unspeakable Gift has enabled us to use the various gifts God gave us individually to tell the world about that great Gift born in a manger those many years ago.

In a word. Only God can know for a certainty why someone decorated their home with a tree, and He will judge them if they idolize anything.

That’s my simplistic view. If you disagree, Romans 14 defends your view too.

Thank you Christian for this most excellent lesson on the Christian celebration of the birth of Christ.. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.


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