Howdy Friends! Barefoot horses & rocks. What do rocks mean to the barefoot horse? For the application for barefoot horses, a 3 inch depth of ROUND rock in a blend from 1 to 3 inches in size. This is necessary to “massage” the hoof.


Don’t fall for the Norm

Sand in some areas is okay, but sand only, like grass only, or hard packed earth only have the effect of spreading out the hoof, the entire structure. This weakens the lamina & hoof wall & also weakens the sole, and causes the coffin bone to drop. All are physical necessities by physics. But sadly the look of this spread out hoof has too often become the accepted norm.

Round stones do all the work

The round stone engage the hoof, every part of the hoof, and tightens it. Round stone tighten the lamina, the shape of wall, and thicken the sole, and hold correctly in place the coffin bone.

My mare Kessy’s foot post 2 hour ride on hard packed and stony logging road

Easy to do, let the rocks do the work, they want to.

Trimming part of the whole

Of course the hoof must be trimmed correctly. No more than one third of the hoof should be in front of the apex of the frog. Find more about barefoot trimming HERE.

As a final thought, without proper footing a properly shaped hoof is impossible to maintain. No matter how correct the trim.

How much rock do we need?

You only need the rock bed in a few areas of high traffic, not all over. Hope this helps! (These pics are my dear Kessy strolling on her bed of round rock. And her foot post ride.) ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.

Find more helpful thoughts about Barefoot Hoof Care in my book IT’S FOR THE HORSES


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