Howdy Friends! Arthritis and your horse. Over the winter months we’ve noticed Miss Rosie lost a step or two. She always had an issue with pivoting onto her left hind, but with the “Tendon Repair,” (Dr Thomas’ herbs), exercises and work, we’d kept it to a manageable minimum. Then recently she showed more issues with it.

Over the cold months it’s my habit to increase hay amounts, to stoke the furnace. And keep the horse warm. I’ve always done that. Then of course my horses always gain weight. And Miss Rosie gains weight looking at hay. So she did. That of course always effects everything. She’s dieting now. And complaining.

We had our veterinarian come out and give Rosie an exam and a chiropractic treatment.

Holy cow was Rosie “stuck.” Worse than I figured. She also ruled out EPM, but suggested Rosie surely had Lyme again. And discussed the fact that with her history she had arthritis. And we need to address both those facts.

It is my custom each late Winter to put my horses on Dr Thomas’ “TOTAL IMMUNE HEALTH,” to gear up for the coming biting insect months. And Total Immune Health will cure Lyme. So we started Miss Rosie on that, Feb 20. Along with Dr Thomas’ “HOOF AILMENT,” blend, just to boost hoof health. With her history of founder, and her winter weight gain, I wanted to build up healthy hooves.

I’ve had personal success with Dr Thomas’ Total Immune Health with my mare Kessy. Read that here.
Back to the arthritis.

For well over a year we’ve been giving Rosie, Pentosan injections to boost joint lubrication. And it had helped. Now that’s difficult to get. And it really only addresses joint lubrication. Does not address calcium crystal build up in the joints, inflammation or bone damage. All of which would be addressed with Dr Thomas’ ARTHRITIS SOLUTION.

Therefore we consulted the great folks at FOR LOVE OF THE HORSE and we put Rosie on their “ARTHRITIS FORMULA.” Feb. 14.
So each day now Miss Rosie gets 3 different blends!!
Rosie's Basket of Herbs

Rosie’s Basket of Herbs. Arthritis Solution, Total Immune, and Hoof Ailment, all mixed in the little cups.

HOOF AILMENT, you know for the hoof buildin’ thing. TOTAL IMMUNE HEALTH, Fer buildin’ up that internal immune stuff, and kill the dastardly Lyme monster. ARTHRITIS SOLUTION, to fix the stiff joints and send arthritis packin’.

It’s important to follow Dr Thomas’ protocols exactly when using his formulations. He recommends mixing the herbs in the little mixing bottle with a few ounces of water, then administering them with a dousing syringe. Which is always what I do. Every horse I’ve ever worked with has learned to accept and even enjoy this.

Even though we’ve only been giving the herbs a short time, to my surprise, Rosie has already begun to move a bit more fluid. Of course, some of that improvement is to be expected after the chiropractic treatment she received. Some of it to the Total Immune, already easing tightness in muscles by fighting the Lyme. The Arthritis Formula immediately has begun to reduce swelling in her joints. In fact we have noticed her hind ankles changing already! Legs already looking what we thought were okay, have slimmed down even more!

Dutch Henry's Horse

Rosie sticks her tongue out when she gets a new flavored herb!

Miss Rosie is 22, but that is not going to enter into it.

We will be taking care of this Lyme and Arthritis assault in short order. With the help of Dr Thomas’ Contemporary Chinese Herbal formulations. We’ll have Miss Rosie steppin’ like a 15 year old in short order. You can do the same for arthritis in your horse. ~ Gitty up, Dutch.

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