Howdy Friends! A two act play staring juncos, chickens, squirrels and Fluffernutter.

He was darker than most, that proud junco. He sat on a twisted branch just a few feet above the hustle and bustle that is the morning gathering of chickens fussing about their scratch. I know that little junco was only waiting his turn but, from my perch in my very worn and tired chair beside Rosie as she munched hay, it sure looked like he was directing the circus beneath him.

He moved only inches left to right as he searched for an opening among the chickens. The cracked corn must be deliciously tempting, enticing him to risk all and dive right in among fowl ten times his size. He decided to strategize a bit longer. Soon he seemed to bob and weave in time with the roosters beneath him!

With Fluffernutter on my lap, Lady at my feet as Rosie munching away, we took in the show. It’s a normal routine each morning, and it always guarantees at least a chuckle, or three, as each morning someone will be the main character who stands out and steals the show. That little junco had the first act.

The second act we must give to Fluffernutter. As the scene opens most of the chickens had wandered away to begin their daily “search and devour” missions, leaving the spoils of cracked corn to Mr. Junco and his friends. Soon what had been a cast of domestic fowl was replaced with the sparkling chirography of juncos, cardinals, doves and chickadees.

Part of the second act were squirrels, too. A few always show up and end too soon the musical I’ve come to call “Twitter On The Litter.” The squirrels really add nothing to the show, in fact they usually bring it to an end. And they did today.

Now apparently the actions of the interloping squirrels did not sit well with Fluffernutter.

A few seconds after the squirrels took center stage, Fluffernutter stalked her way into the scene, stopping just on the other side of the heated waterer from a happy corn chomping squirrel.

After a brief pause she charged, sending the terrified squirrel scampering up a tree. But Fluffernutter wasn’t ready to give up the spotlight.

As Mr Squirrel lept from branch to branch, tree to tree, Fluffernutter dashed trunk to trunk reaching as high as she could to claw on each trunk, ever driving the poor squirrel farther and farther away.

Eventually satisfied, Fluffernutter, took a bow and gracefully accepted my applause for a great show.

Now Broadway it wasn’t, but our little 2 act play was just perfect today!

Sadly Lady missed the show as she busied herself seeking a warm bed in Rosie’s hay. Rosie? She enjoyed her hay. We all send you wishes for a great day! ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.



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