Howdy Friends! Whippoorwills’ calls drifted through the bedroom window rousing me even before the roosters began their morning crowing and cackling ritual. I chuckled when I surmised they’d decided to sleep in today but were awakened by competing Whippoorwills. From the bedroom window I can see the skyline brighten behind tall trees, it hadn’t yet.

Fumbling about I made coffee and got myself ready for Coffee Clutch. Miss Rosie noticed the kitchen light and whinnied. Her call to hurry me.


Whippoorwill’s notes encouraged me to get a move on, for a few more moments. Then on cue, as the sky grew alive with color, they stopped. But the roosters were by then in full cadence.

As I did my morning chores the Wrens, who have a nest in the chicken house, accompanied me with a combination of scolding chatter and alternating flute like song.

Settled in my chair sipping Coffee with Rosie, Lady and Fluffernutter, I poured my first cup of steaming Folgers. Gazed skyward and thanked God for a splendid morning. Something I do each morning, sun, rain, snow or wind. For isn’t every morning splendid? And a gift?

The Wrens continued their song, chickens strutted and preened. Phoebes “chipped” as they darted here and there snaring insects to feed their nest bursting brood. Their nest is on a ledge in the rafters in Rosie’s stall and those young ‘ins are only days away from taking flight.

Doves and a Towhee joined the chickens at the scratch. A Yellow Warbler added his airy tune to the morning’s glow. The woods around Rosie’s barn are thick now with shining green leaves. Giving a feeling of almost being swaddled in God’s beauty.

Far distant in those thick woods a Wood Thrush’s melody floated on crisp air. Weaving between thick leaves to surround the barn with the clearest notes of a most perfect background singer.

I hope you too, are having a splendid morning! ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.


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