Howdy Friends! There’s no reason a horse can’t have a straight, firm topline into their 30’s. Of course, as always, there may be exceptions, but for most of our horses, that’s true.


What causes a horse to lose its firm, straight topline?

A lot of things, mostly all in our control. Everything from saddle fit, to teeth and mouth care, hoof care, to how we sit in the saddle, to how we lead our horse. And a bunch of other things too, injuries, conformation and even nutrition.

I think the single biggest thing we can do is to be sure our horse is, off her forehand and has an engaged hind end.

There is a very simple way to accomplish this by the two of you mastering the “The Rock Back” exercise. You can check it out in my blog post “Help Your Horse Find Her Feet.” And, “Equine Posture Fix – Rock Back.” Have look, master it together, and you’ll see remarkable changes in health, politeness, body carriage, and responsiveness.

Off the forehand (rock back) is first, because it ties into everything else we do. And we can learn to lead, and ride, our horse off the forehand, and be sure to lead from both sides – this is so important for overall health and posture of your horse. And don’t always walk in a straight line. Mix in long, soft sweeping zig-zags as you go along. Engage that hind end!

Next, mix in a few easy to learn exercises to do regularly

Find many more exercises in my book, “It’s For The Horses.” These selected exercises done in a regular routine that fits your schedule will make a tremendous difference in the health of your horse. Remember, slow and easy, soft hands, and wait for the responses.

Oh, what about hoof care? – Have a look at my post “Husbandry for a Sound Barefoot Horse.”

Taking care of your horse’s topline can be easy, fun and, so good for her. ~ Gitty Up ~ Dutch.


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