Howdy Friends!

Many of our equine companions have breathing issues, some not so bad, some deadly. But friends we must address them all, they can be made better, healed. Friends have read about my mare Kessy’s journey back to health from a severe bout with heaves 6 years ago. We did this with the guidance, treatment, and contemporary Chinese Herbal blends of Dr. Thomas. (Heaves Solution) The difference between the time (very, very long time) proven success of Chinese herbal “healing,” and medication “treatment,” is simply that – herbs heal, medication manages. The herbal blends heal the bronchial passageways and capillaries in the lungs – medications manage while allowing further deterioration.

I asked Dr. Thomas to explain.
“Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid hormone that prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. That is this drug’s function and yet if your horse has a breathing problem any breathing problem the veterinarian is going to prescribe dexamethasone even though it solves no breathing issues. This medication is an immune suppressant and will therefore weaken your horse’s immune system making it easier for your horse to catch an infection or make a present infection worse. I hope this is enough my friend.”

Everyone needs to make their own choices, but I wanted to share this. It’s important, for the horses.
~ Gitty Up, Dutch.

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