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You can order We'll Have The Summer at the standard discount/returnable from Ingram or Baker & Taylor or by contacting  The ISBN number is 978-1-60381-837-7.

ISBN Number for Tom Named By Horse is 10-0692367578

ISBN Number for It's For The Horses is 10-0692421149

ISMB Number for From the Banks of Little Bear Creek is 10-0692695656

The banner, bookcover and Dutch's portrait photos for We'll Have The Summer were taken by Helen Cary of Helen Cary Photography. She can be reached at

The Monero Mustangs on the cover of my book live in northeast California and are cared for by Sandi Claypool. To learn more about the mustangs visit their website

Dutch Henry
Dutch Henry Author

"We'll Have the Summer came about because I wanted to write a story of an uncommon love so enduring it could overcome insurmountable obstacles. My passion for horses and the way they can enrich a person's life needed to be part of the story. I believe in the power of love and the spirit of the horse and these two forces came together to tell this story. My only job was to fill in the details."
               Dutch Henry on his first novel

Dutch has feature articles regularly in trailBlazer Magazine and natural Horse Magazine. 

Dutch Henry offers free clinics for Therapy Horses- “Therapy For Therapy Horses.”

Across the country there are many Equine Assisted Therapy Centers and Therapeutic Riding Centers.

Many times these noble horses who provide the therapy, so important to so many, need a little therapy themselves, too.

Therapy For Therapy Horses is a clinic of easy to do, relax and release exercises for the horse based on the teachings of Peggy Cummings and Linda Tellington-Jones. These exercises will help improve not only the body, posture and self carriage of the horse, but also clear their minds.

If you know of or operate a Therapeutic Riding Center, Rescue or Sanctuary whose horses could benefit please contact Dutch.

This is not a book about riding, or training horses. It is a book on my thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how folks might find the joy in doing things for the horse, with the horses’ point of view as the leading guide. My hope is to help as many people as possible learn to hear the horse, feel their spirit, and in that way help horses everywhere. Over the years I’ve met and worked with remarkable people and horses who taught me about their feelings, their joys, their sadness, and their spirit. As a horse advocate everything I do is from the horse’s perspective, including this little book. Every story, idea, suggestion and thought on these pages will be to suggest and share thoughts and ideas on how to maximize a relationship between horse and human—from the horse’s point of view.

New Release

Continuing the saga begun in “Tom Named by Horse” ... “Three years after the death of Tall Dog, Tom Named By Horse and Soft Cloud have turned the little soddy, the lands granted them by Red Cloud, and the lean-to barn into a thriving horse ranch, fulfilling Tom’s dream. The Plains Indians Wars, or Red Cloud’s war, is mostly behind them, and the lands have had their transformation as Red Cloud’s vision had warned years earlier. Trailing horses from the ranch to Denver city has become an annual event for Tom, Buck and the rest, and this is the story of that trail. In the spirit of a good old John Wayne movie, vengeance, cattle and horse thieves, a dirty sheriff and corrupt mayor, and a wedding make this year’s drive a ride you’ll want to tag along on.”  I hope you’ll have a read. I promise you’ll love the adventure! 

The only man ever to offer Tom respect is Red Cloud. The only woman to give him love is Red Cloud’s granddaughter. Struggling with his own personal demons, Tom finds himself wedged between honoring that friendship and staying true to the depths of his conscience. Amid a backdrop of tumultuous social upheaval, he finds nothing prepared him, the woman he loves or Chief Red Cloud, for the changes about to thunder into their lives, sweeping them helplessly into the tides of human conflict and historical drama.

The cancer is winning, and she’ll be gone by fall, but they have one last summer. One hot summer to consummate a lifetime of love, to cry together, laugh together ...  remember together. When a troubled teenage girl and an injured horse turn to them for help, Mary and Sam Holt find enough room in their own large and breaking hearts to show the girl life’s glories and restore a champion’s will. We’ll Have the Summer is a magnificent story about life, love, and horses.

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