An Incredible Cover Story


When I wrote "We'll Have The Summer" I did not yet know MaryAnn Kennedy, Brave or Helen and Jerry Cary. The string of "coincidences" I'm about to tell you will be hard to believe. While covering a story for the American Competitive Trail Horse Association and Trail Blazer magazine I met Helen Cary, the unbelievably talented photographer who took this cover photo. A few weeks later she sent me pictures of wild horses she had photographed in New Mexico. In fact they are the background on the cover. When it came time to create the cover photo I knew no-one else could capture my story as well as she. It was Helen who suggested MaryAnn and Brave be our models. MaryAnn Kennedy is a long time friend of Helen and Jerry's. We did need a black and white paint for the horse, and MaryAnn's horse, Brave is black and white. While my horse in the story is named Comanche as opposed to Brave, both are Native American names. Brave was also a rescue. Comanche and Brave both have one blue eye, the right one. The central character in my story is named, Mary. MaryAnn also has a rescue horse named Callie; Sam and Mary Holt's daughter's name. The male model with MaryAnn is Helen's husband Jerry, who is a Vietnam vet, like Sam Holt. Incredible coincidences for sure. We feel our lives' paths crossed for a reason. It was meant to be.

Mary Ann Kennedy is a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter of songs for horse lovers. Her songs are fun, inspiring and touching.  I am proud to call her my friend. Please visit her website and get to know her yourself.