Dutch Henry

About Dutch Henry

Horses and storytelling have always been a part of Dutch Henry’s life.  It was just natural that the two should someday merge.  He's always dreamed of writing.  He dabbled throughout his life but got serious a few years ago. His fingers hit the keyboard and he wrote his first novel. Then another and another, but like most writers they will probably stay on the computer hard drive. His fourth novel We’ll Have the Summer was released in the spring of 2011.

All of Dutch’s stories focus around horses. Horses have always been a big part of his life. He grew up on a farm as a foster child and counted the horses he worked with in the field as some of his closest friends. Later, his passion for horses caused him to work with nationally renowned trainer Diane Sept rehabilitating Tennessee Walking Horses from show ring to trail. His love of trail riding led him to compete in long distance competitive and endurance riding. These days his relaxation is riding his mare, Keshia, into the woods to the enjoy sights and sounds of nature.

Not being able to work with horses as he did in the past Dutch has turned to the keyboard to salute the people who help horses and horses who help people. Dutch tells the stories of those who have horse rescues, therapeutic riding centers, programs for at risk youth, horses who help our veterans, etc. 

His articles have been featured in Midwest Horse Digest, Trail Blazer, True Cowboy, Trail Rider and Hoofbeats.

Dutch also writes a regular column in Trail Blazer Magazine and Natural Horse Magazine.

Here in the horse world we all know the goodness and tremendous spirit of our equine friends. We’ve all been changed forever by a certain horse. Or had our hearts touched by the person who introduced us to the healing and teaching abilities of horses. If you or someone you know would like to talk with Dutch about a special horse, person or equine rescue or therapeutic riding center please feel free to contact him.

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